Friday, August 3, 2012

"The Happiest Place on Earth"

I was a 90s child who's heart was filled with magic brought by Disney's classic fairy tales. Up to this day, 16 or so years later, The Little Mermaid's tale has never ceased to amaze me; and that of Beauty and the Beast's portrayals of love has never failed to bring tears into my eyes.

Well, just a week ago, on the 24th of July, my mom and I took a one week trip-slash-vacation to California. Though I had fun strolling along the Hollywood Boulevard and was astonished by the Transformers 3D ride from Universal Studios, the highlight of my vacation was our trip to Disneyland. Like a kiddo, I ran and literally stalked the Disney characters wherever they went so I could take a picture with them. Have you ever had that feeling, that something inside of you wants to explode? Wants to scream? That's how i felt walking the streets of Disneyland that day, with happiness of course. I envied the little girls who wore Disney princesses' outfits; how I wished I was able to do the same. But since shops inside the park only sell costumes for young boys and girls, I ended up buying a Minnie Mouse ear-headband with matching plush shoes and gloves instead - now all i need is the dress!

At the end of the day and after almost 12 hours of walking, my feet couldn't stand another mile anymore. I guess it was worth it though; before leaving the theme park, my mom and I were able to watch Disney's parade featuring almost all of their famous characters. While she was taking a video through her phone, i was taking pictures using her camera, since mine ran out of batteries halfway through the day. When the Disney princesses showed up, riding their fancy floats, I was having a hard time composing myself as I tried the best I can to hold back the tears in my eyes

It might be just a parade for some, but for me it was my whole childhood compressed in one Disney day.

Fun Fact: I lost my mom's camera right after we took the Disney parade pictures! Fortunately, some good hearted people (bless their souls) turned it in and Disney's Lost and Found office was able to contact me the day after. They offered to ship the camera back home to Virginia, free of charge. 


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